A showcase of the cool things I've worked on.

Aktiv NY

Expressjs Finnish blog/news web application

Birka Stockholm Elevators

Very simple Lua elevator scripts for Roblox cruise-ferry group Birka Cruises

Irwin's Bakery "Win Some Dough" Competition

Winning videography competition on behalf of Slemish College, Ballymena


SAO-themed all-in-one Minecraft essentials plugin, Discord bot and Web application

EA Plastic in Schools Competition

Winning climate-themed videography competition on behalf of Slemish College, Ballymena

Personal Site (XP Edition)

Windows 95/XP themed personal website (the version of danielonline.net before the current one)


Country- and monarchy-themed Minecraft gameplay plugin


Nodejs Discord-Roblox verification bot with web interface and Firebase integration


iOS and Android app for Minecraft and other small gaming communities

Why Pick Geography?

A promotional video to convince Year 10s to pick Geography as one of their GCSEs at Slemish.

Yet Another Ceremony

Minecraft server anniversary talk show

7. Ári að Orsdá

A fully choreographed, live ESC-style performance to celebrate CloudCraft's 7th anniversary.